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One of the discoveries of modern medicine is stem cells, which means an immature young cell capable of self-renewal and differentiation at the same time;

It forms tissues, cells and organs. The most powerful stem cell is the origin of life – the fertilized egg.


What is Stem Cells Therapy?

Mesenchymal stem cells are used in reproductive medicine. Their sources are different: bone marrow, adipose tissue, umbilical cord blood, placenta, skin.

In case of pathologies such as premature ovarian failure/dysfunction, in women under the age of 40, mesenchymal cells are injected intraovarianly (in the ovarian tissue), which helps to restore the function of the ovaries. Through the activation of angiogenesis follicles, hormone levels are corrected.

It is crucial to approach stem cells therapy with caution and to ensure that any treatment or procedure you are considering is conducted within the confines of rigorous scientific research. Your reproductologist will assist you to determine if stem cells therapy is the right option for you and will find appropriate help and support on your IVF journey.