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The road to parenthood is hard, especially when you’re dealing with infertility caused by a variety of factors.

In order to fulfill your life-long dream, “Invitro Life” offers a surrogacy program.

What is surrogacy?

When a woman, due to various medical indications, cannot carry a child in her own womb, she is assisted by a surrogate mother.

The surrogate is obliged to take care of the development of the fetus and during its stay in the womb, to create a safe and healthy environment for it.

After the birth of the child, the surrogate is automatically relieved of all obligations and responsibilities.

It is important to remember that Surrogate ! Is not! The child’s biological parent. In the future, she has no relative, psychological and emotional connection with the child.

Surrogacy is a paid service and is regulated by the state.


Surrogate Selection Process

The surrogate is selected based on strictly written protocols.

First of all, we will study their psycho-emotional state and relevant environmental conditions. There are a number of issues that the candidate for surrogacy must meet, otherwise cooperation cannot take place.