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Each patient is unique and special, so we always follow the principle of individual approach.

The treatment protocol and plan is in compliance with the patient’s needs, which determines  the number of successful indicators.



Based on the results obtained, we can proudly say that “Invitro Life” maintains a high indicator of success:

For women under the age of 35, the success indicator equals 70-75%.

 Among the patients aged 35 to 50 years, the number of successful cases ranges steadily from 55% to 60%. The indicator of pregnancies obtained through surrogacy-donation is about 80%.



Clinic “Invitro Life” is equipped with modern medical technologies, which allows us to offer patients a high quality of service and an impressive success indicator.

Dreams do come true and we are ready to help you achieve your main life dream.



You are welcome to “Invitro Life” , a leading reproductive clinic specializing in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).

Our clinic is equipped with modern medical equipment and the best quality devices, which allows us to provide the highest quality services to our patients.

Our main focus is infertility treatment with Assisted Reproductive Technologies: in vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), egg freezing, embryo freezing, sperm freezing, etc.


We share common goals with our patients and start working together from the first day.

Your dream – to have a child, becomes our main challenge!


Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductive specialist

"Each healthy newborn is another victory in the fight against childlessness!

I love my work and every new life, in the birth of which I have a certain contribution. The relationship between me and my patients always goes beyond the standard relationship between a nurse and a patient. Due to my field of activity, I have to spend more time with them, we have one goal, we fight together and we are happy together!"


Senior Embryologist

"The beginning of a miracle is the beginning of a new life. Being part of this miracle as an Embryologist is priceless!"


Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductive specialist

"Reproduction, gynecology and endocrinology are the most important in the formation of healthy future generations. Development that begins in the right directions is the prevention of many diseases and complications that begin from the moment of conception and continue throughout life."


Senior Embryologist

"Helping patients fills me with vital energy. In the medical field, my greatest achievements are happy patients and the positive results we achieve by working together as a team."



"The tandem of reproductive and endocrinology, meticulously calculated actions - this is the biggest adrenaline in my work. All the biochemistry that takes place at the cellular level is in your hands, and like a puzzle, you have to arrange it correctly to get the picture.

Management of complex and rare endocrine pathologies is a major challenge for me."


Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Reproductive Specialist

"Most of all, I am proud of my grateful patients and their trust in me, which I constantly feel.

Reproduction is a very interesting and rapidly developing field. Facing new challenges and being interested in them is an important push to promote human reproduction!"


Invitro Life is a medical institution specializing in reproductive medicine and infertility treatment and offers a full range of Assisted Reproductive Technologies such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), intrauterine insemination (IUI), egg, embryo, sperm freezing. etc.


The services of Invitro Life can be used by couples and individuals who suffer from the problem of infertility, as well as those who want to preserve their fertility for future use.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies such as IVF and ICSI carry certain risks, including ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, ectopic pregnancy, and others. However, these risks are relatively low and can be minimized with proper medical care and monitoring.

In the process of infertility treatment, patients undergo a comprehensive range of medical examinations and procedures, such as ultrasound examination, clinical-laboratory studies, injections with medications, etc. Your doctor collaborates with you to implement a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

During a surrogacy program, a surrogate mother (gestational carrier) carries the fetus in her womb and delivers the baby for biological parents. When pregnancy and/or childbirth pose risks of danger or impossibility due to a woman’s health condition, it is necessary to use a surrogacy program and involve a surrogate mother in the treatment process.

When a family chooses a surrogate mother, preliminary tests are conducted before the procedure, the results of which determine the reproductive health status. , and after that, the womb of the surrogate mother is prepared for embryo transfer.

According to our legislation, gestational surrogate mothers have no rights over the child after its birth. The fact that parents will be able to take their child home without any interference, provides them with a sense of peace.

Egg donation is part of Assisted Reproductive Technology treatment. A process where an egg donor voluntarily donates  her egg(s) to help couples who are unable to have a child using their own eggs.

Egg donation for childless couples is appropriate when the eggs do not mature within the female reproductive system, or when the quality of the eggs does not allow the possibility of pregnancy.

Initially, the couple chooses a suitable egg donor, who undergoes all the necessary medical examinations. Following this, the retrieval of the donor’s eggs occurs through  follicular pick-up. After the embryologist evaluates the obtained eggs, they are fertilized with sperm, and the resulting embryos are transferred into the patient’s uterus to facilitate pregnancy.

The cost of infertility treatment depends on the factors related to infertility issues, diagnostic assessments, and the selection of the treatment method. Your doctor collaborates with you to implement a personalized treatment that is maximally tailored to your needs and avoids unnecessary costs. To book a consultation, contact us at : 032 280 12 12 or visit us at the address: N.9 Tsinandli Street, Tbilisi.