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“Helping patients fills me with vital energy. In the medical field, my greatest achievements are happy patients and the positive results we achieve by working together as a team.”


“Reproduction, gynecology and endocrinology are the most important in the formation of healthy future generations. Development that begins in the right directions is the prevention of many diseases and complications that begin from the moment of conception and continue throughout life.”


“The tandem of reproductive and endocrinology, meticulously calculated actions – this is the biggest adrenaline in my work. All the biochemistry that takes place at the cellular level is in your hands, and like a puzzle, you have to arrange it correctly to get the picture. Management of complex and rare endocrine pathologies is a […]


“The correct direction chosen from the beginning is the prevention of many diseases and complications. It starts from the moment of conception and continues throughout life.I advise everyone to start treatment and prevention of reproductive health even before marriage!”


“Radiology is one of the rapidly developing fields, and the future of medicine lies in the development of medical technologies.During many years of work, we have improved the quality of life of many patients by identifying accurate and correct diagnoses.I advise future couples to definitely do all the necessary medical research at the start of […]


“Reproductology, mammology, ultrasound diagnostics – this is the combination that allows me to help women of all ages. When many grateful patients trust you, they recommend you to others – this gives you the incentive, energy and desire to continue your work. The victories achieved as a result of knowledge and experience increase my sense […]


“I became interested in reproductive medicine when this field was in its infancy in our country. I am proud of the patients I helped and contributed to solving their infertility problem. Never lose hope! Nothing is impossible and we will solve everything together!”


“Most of all, I am proud of my grateful patients and their trust in me, which I constantly feel. Reproduction is a very interesting and rapidly developing field. Facing new challenges and being interested in them is an important push to promote human reproduction!”