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Life at the Chromosomal Level – Genetic Tests

In recent years, the field of genetics has witnessed a revolutionary transformation that has had an enormous impact on the field of healthcare. Genetic tests, once limited to laboratory studies, have become important tools that provide valuable information about our genetics and of our fetus. Today, we will tell you a bit about of genetic […]

What should we know about In Vitro Fertilization?

Modern medicine is developing day by day, offering unprecedented possibilities along with innovations. It has been more than 40 years since the practice of in vitro fertilization (IVF) was successfully introduced into the field of medicine. In vitro fertilization is a type of Assisted Reproductive Technology that involves combining sperm and eggs outside the body […]

What should we know about Male Infertility?

During a significant period of history, society tended to attribute infertility solely to women, paying little attention to men’s reproductive issues  (in many cases). According to statistics, in 40-50% of cases of infertility, the cause is attributed to men. Today, public attitudes towards this issue have changed, as medical education and information has become more […]

What should we know about Female Infertility?

Whether it’s a first encounter with infertility or a years-long struggle, it’s a problem that many couples around the world have to deal with. According to international statistics, one out of every 6 couples struggles to overcome the problem of infertility, which is an average of 17.5% of the adult population. Fortunately, modern medicine is […]